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The Falmouth Homeless Prevention Program is a program of the Falmouth Housing Corporation.  The program keeps families housed through a variety of methods.  The Program started in 1995 with initial funding from the Town, today the program operates solely on donations. 

The Falmouth Homeless Prevention Program (FHPP) has assisted over 2000 individuals and families over the last 24 years. Our goal is to continue to assist as many as possible and to expand our unique services to the community.

Les, a father of two, who has full custody of his children, was left with few options and no hope for safe and affordable housing. Les was on the verge of losing his children due to homelessness until until one of the FHC staff members, recognized him at a local bus stop.  She had attempted to assist him with housing needs a few years prior to working  at FHC.  Because the FHPP is in existence, we were able to assist Les with securing  a safe, clean and permanent home for him and his children in one of FHC's units. When  asked about  FHC,  Les said  'If not for FHC I don't know where we would be right now. I can't  find the words to describe how beneficial it was to have FHC on our side. They have not handed me something for nothing, I still have to hold up my end. It doesn't take long to be broken but FHC has brought me a miraculous renewal of hope."  Without your support, we would not  be able to continue to assist those like Les and his children,  and others  in our community, who find themselves  facing homelessness. Please consider donating today.



Thank you to the William and Linda Zammer Foundation for this very generous grant. 

November 1, 2019

Falmouth, MA:

The William & Linda Zammer Foundation, Awarded a Grant of $20,000.00 to the Falmouth Homeless Prevention Program

The Falmouth Housing Corporation (FHC) has received this grant for its Falmouth Homeless Prevention Program (FHPP). The William & Linda Zammer Foundation award will help the FHPP assist many of Falmouth’s at risk families and individuals remain housed with some financial assistance. The FHPP also assists Falmouth families and individuals with some initial funds in order to secure housing.



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