Your Donation Matters!

Where and how does your Donation Dollars Help?

The Falmouth Homeless Prevention Program is a program of the Falmouth Housing Corporation.  The program keeps families housed through a variety of methods.  The Program started 1995 with initial funding from the Town, today the program operates solely on donations.  The majority of the funds are raised through the special Falmouth walk added to the annual Housing with Love Walk from Provincetown to Falmouth held every year in July; and a special fund raiser in December at Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub.

The Fund, on average, assists about 40 different Falmouth families per year.  Since its beginning, the Fund has assisted well over 580 Falmouth families.  In recent years, the Fund has provided small (usually under $200/month) monthly rental subsidies to help keep families housed.

Prevention Case November 2011 – Community Service brought a family forward in an attempt to gather support from more than one agency.  The single mother with a severely ill 14-year old child and a 7-year old child had just had her significant other abandon the family.  She was significantly behind in rent and the illness of the older child often prevented her from working on a regular basis.  We had the mother apply for Section 8 housing assistance.  Four agencies committed to providing a subsidy similar to the Section 8 subsidy program until she received her voucher.  The Falmouth Homeless Prevention Program is the lead agency.  The day Bob met this woman, was the day after she had to cancel a medical appointment in Boston for her 14-year old because she had neither gas money nor parking money to get there.  Today the Family is stable as they await their Section 8 voucher.

Prevention Cases 2012 – Community Service brought two difference cases to us; one with a severely ill elder living in a tent in the back of a home in the community and the other of a woman also severely ill and her child living in her car at the hospital parking lot.  Prevention funds paid for a motel for the elder until their housing unit was available and the woman with her child was placed in an emergency shelter until a unit was available with the Housing Corporation.  Today both cases are in stable housing and are able to manage their medical care.

Your donations are greatly appreciated by all our families even though they can’t thank you in person – they let us do that for them.

The Falmouth Housing Corporation (FHC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation originally established in Falmouth, Massachusetts to deal with a broad spectrum of homelessness issues. FHC’s main mission is to develop compassionate solutions to homelessness problems for families – especially those with children – living in Falmouth and the surrounding communities of Cape Cod.