Kirwin/Murray Memorial Bike Ride Announced

Matt Patrick presenting to the Board of Selectmen

Last night, FHC and organizers for the proposed Kirwin/Murray Memorial Bike Ride to benefit Falmouth Homeless Prevention announced the ride to the Falmouth Board of Selectmen.  Presenter Matt Patrick provided a map, route information, conceptual plan and background on Peter Kirwin and Bob Murray.  

The next step in the process for our proposed Memorial Bike Ride is to visit the Special Events Committee, which meets quarterly.  We are scheduled and look forward to presenting and, hopefully, receiving approval!

If you would like more information about what we’re planning, please keep checking back here and see the main event page, linked above or right here.

Access to affordable housing and homelessness prevention are extremely important issues, and the progress we have made at FHC could not have been achieved without the participation of Peter Kirwin and Bob Murray.  This ride will be both a memorial for two outstanding men in Falmouth as well as an opportunity for more of us to give back and help tackle the issues of access to housing.